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  1. Can you provide better information on the pricing? On the plans page it says $29 per month for business but on the payment page it has all sorts of numbers. What is a "Business Basic seat"? What is a "Server Seat"? Can you or someone else either email me or call me to discuss this? Your portal does not send notifications and I have been trying to work on this since early December with little communication other than this thread that as I said does not send notifications.
  2. Alex, I did not receive any notification of your reply and just noticed this. Are you saying that your software running on a QNAP NAS with version 4.4.1 of the QNAP OS and your version 2.3 can have multiple users and separate security for each? Please help me with how to install this with a trial license to test and verify the proof of concept before i purchase. I will also need pricing on the licensed product if this works. You can email me or call me. Thank you. Jeffrey Hault 61
  3. Hello, I am wanting to setup a QNAP NAS with multiple separate users with independent secure storage so that multiple independant NAS can connect securely across the Internet to backup/sync their folders to their independent folder/share on the primary NAS. Is this something that Resilio can do?