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  1. I should like to add that if I do the same thing on an Android phone, the DNG files are transferred without problems or alterations.
  2. I use Sync to transfer/backup pictures from my phone (iphone XR) to my PC (win 10). It works fine with JPEG and movies. However, if the pictures are saved as DNG (RAW format) they are somehow reduced in pixel numbers when transferred to the PC. If I capture the image as JPEG+DNG, the JPEG-file is OK but the DNG is about half the pixel-size and strongly compressed. If I connect the phone using USB, and read the files directly from the phone's memory the image size is as expected. It appears like some process is opening the DNG-file reducing the picture to half the number of pixels and then compress the image and save it as a DNG at the PC. Does anyone have a solution to this?