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  1. Secondly, even if i where to buy a business license - then that license cost for my 5 users (my family) - is twice the cost of what a Office 365 subscription cost - and with that each user gets 1TB data and office package for 5 devices. I simply dont see justifying that cost - specially not for a product that i legally have paid for already.
  2. I have worked with IT for 25+ years and have always had a private home server - be that bsd/linux or in the later years a Windows server. Saying that "if its a server OS - then its a business" - show how little you know about your own customers. The company i work in is a major AV reseller, if do a quick search between "private" customers and "server os" - i find quite alot of servers - and thats a growing number with iot. A server OS is in general considered to be a more stable operating system. I dont excactly see what the support should be able todo for me - they have changed their product to the worse - they are not the first company todo it - and properly not the last either - I call it unfounded greed and a kick in the head of the customers who might not fit into the "normal" box.
  3. also.. where do i file bug reports? 2.7 feels like a nightmare by now..
  4. Hi, Honestly - what did you do?!? I'm a home user - i have paid licenses and have been you ever since its was bittorrent sync - i bought a home pro license and upgraded to family etc. I honestly dont need the business features - i just need this damn thing to sync and do it well. I happend to run a Windows Server 2012 R2 license that i use as a remote desktop server for my family (eg. whenever my mom (1600km away from me) trashes her home laptop, she can still get a working solution by logging into a limited desktop on my server. As for 2.7 i can no longer use it this way and honestly - I DO NOT WANT A SUBSCRIPTION - (atleast privately) - I AM NOT A BUSINESS user just because i have a home server - shame on you! Your should prior to this have reached out to your customers and offered a free upgrade for existing users - this kind of behavior is the reason people like me left dropbox, google drive etc and thought btsync/rsync was a safe heaven.