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  1. Thats really anoying me... played around with the power-user Settings.. support ist also not reachable... think its time to chance to a diffrent option.. tried goodserver and it works like a charme...
  2. Hi there... Resilio is stop working and is not reachable after 2- 5 min working on my qnap NAS 673. I ve manually disable it in the App-Center and re-able it to get it working... after a few min (2-5min) same issue. Same issue (newest version from google playstore) with ANDROID... disable energy-saving settings and enable autostart. No issues @ Windows 10 & Windows 10 Pro tried: - set it up new - delete every .sync folder and rebuild database - disable "create archiv" Resilo: newest version from your website QNAP: newest QTS RAM: 32GB