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  1. Well, strangely, it didn't happen the first time I tried to setup Camera Backup on my iPad. Then, when everything seemed to go haywire as things "expired" I had to start over again, but this time it won't take... *shrug*
  2. No matter what I do, I cannot get my iPad to generate a link that doesn't contain "(Null) Camera Backup" as the name of the device and camera backup folder. This is excruciatingly unintuitive. I've undone and redone adding the Camera Backup over and over again and there's nowhere on the device where I can set the name so it isn't NULL.
  3. A few things I don't get... Both my phone and my wife's phone transfer files to Ubuntu, but the app perpetually shows new files with "connecting..." Background uploading doesn't exist. If I delete a file on the server, on the iPhone, a little blue line shows up on that file as though it's uploading again. If I delete a file from the iPhone through Resilio, the item turns gray. How do you get rid of it permanently on the iOS device? I've removed it from the sync folder completely and it won't go away in the Resilio app. All of this started behaving strangely when I co
  4. I just started backing up my camera roll to my server via Resilio. About 10 minutes in, the phone shows the "overheating" thermometer and shuts down...then cools off and fires up again, but now Resilio shows no peers for the Camera Backup. This can't be normal behavior.