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  1. I recently purchased Resilio Sync Home Pro since it seemed the selective sync was a good idea. Something unexpected also happened, with Pro when you share a backup from a mobile device it automatically adds it and names it based on the folder type. For example if you tell it to backup pictures it then shares it as the folder name pictures and shows up in all my linked instances accordingly as pictures. That seems all fine and dandy until there's multiple mobile devices backing up. Then you end up with Pictures, Pictures(1), Pictures (2) and so forth and can't really figure out which is which. Without pro I had the ability to specify the folder names, in that extent this actually moved me backwards. Is there a way to either: 1. Rename this folder before it's synced with my linked devices to something like bobsphone-pictures or 2. Just backup inside an existing linked folder for example I have a master Pictures folder, it'd be swell to just have the phone backup to a subfolder of that...