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  1. Why cant you help me in public? Maybe other ppl have similar issues?!
  2. I am running resilio 2.7.0 on my PC and I recognized in the past (and as said in the updater) auto-update is not working with this version. No, problem.. I downloaded 2.7.2 (and 2.71 for testing) and wanted to update the old version. Problem: After the update resilio is not starting anymore. Neither with 7.1 nor 7.2. If I rollback to 2.7.0 its starting fine again. I also tried the migrate to service option from .0 to .2 and it didn't work. I also delete the whole Roaming folder, installed 7.2 and put back the backup files (Reslio created) and it also doesnt work. Looking for a solution to update from .0 to .2