The Types of Things People are Using SYNC for

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I use it to sync my iTunes library between my mac and windows laptops.

Rather than using "Add to iTunes" though, i'm just letting it sync the whole thing. This may not be suitable for everyone though since if i add a new song to either libraries, i have to make sure it syncs before opening iTunes on the other laptop.

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Old, grey-headed guy checking in . . . okay well, I'm 54 and used to twist wrenches for a living, so you sorta get the picture.  


Started using BTSync a few months ago and have virtually abandoned Dropbox, except for a couple of shares with work colleagues.  I'm syncing many dozens of gigs of music, playlists, pictures, software and personal and work files between my machine, my office machine, wife's machine, a couple o' laptops and two smart phones, using separate synced folders for different sorts of files.  I'm not syncing all folders between all devices; each machine only gets what we're using that particular device for.  


I love it.  Even found that it works just fine in virtual machines, easily zipping stuff between the real and the virtual.  I'm fixin' to build a home NAS using FreeNAS and run Sync on it, leave it up 24/7 so all my stuff will always be available, even during those mad business dashes three states away on weekends.  Fire up the laptop in my hotel room and it's updated in a minute or so.  Awesome.  Sync will hammer in five minutes what Dropbox would take three, four hours or more sometimes.  


Also using it to transfer TrueCrypt containers.  The only snag is that you have to unmount the container before it'll sync, so I pared the data in the containers to stuff, which while important, we don't change very much.  


So long Dropbox.  I hardly knew ye.


Highly, highly recommended.     

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My company has a Mac OS X fileserver in our office in DC and an office in San Francisco.  Though we have 100/100Mbps fiber in each location, working with large files over the WAN was still slow.  We added a Mac OS X fileserver in SF and now sync the folders of clients we share between the two servers, which allows each office to work on the same files locally.  Because we replicate Open Directory between these servers, permissions are maintained after the sync.


The only drawback of this setup is that we must be careful not to edit the same documents at the same time as the second sync will push the first into the history without merging changes.  This has turned out to be much less of a problem than I anticipated at first.  We are currently syncing over 1TB reliably between these servers.


The only real problem I have had is that I can't get BT Sync to reliably connect without a relay every time.  I have tried all the tricks to avoid relay connections, but I seem to always have a few "cloud" icons next to some of my sync folders.  Hoping to cure this once and for all with a point-to-point VPN between offices in the near future.

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My application is similar to, but on a much smaller scale, than poemtree's. I am a solo attorney that uses a Mac. Half the year I'm in Az, the other half in Wa. My paralegal is in Minnesota, also on a Mac. Setting up central file server at my location, even with my relatively speedy 100/20 Internet (and her 80/15), just was god awful slow, even for small Word documents (directory refreshing seemed to be the big problem actually). Now, we each keep a local version of the files, and they're synced back and forth instantly. We never work on the same file, so that's not an issue.

I migrated to BT Sync after pulling my hair out with GoodSync. GS worked well enough, but we started getting HTTP timeout errors that caused a complete re-sync, multiple times a day each workday, which was intolerable. We have had no such issues with BTSync, although bandwidth usage seems to be a bit higher than with GS.

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Hi everybody,


i m looking for a small group of guy (20/30) that want to try to make a community of unknown that share part of their computer memory to keep data of other guys. A sort of peer-to-peer small cloud storage of unknown people. 


this is more a social experiment than a technological one.

let me know if interested or for every kind of question. 


someone joined the group, we are in the "Sync Hacks" section


Mattia    :)

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I am brand new here, so I may be jumping the gun on what I believe may be capable using BitTurrent/Sync, but I believe this will be the perfect solution for my Open Source Record Label (SociAutopsy Recordings)...


I am also a Talent Manager and using Sync is likely to greatly increase the efficiancy of my business across the board.


Looking forward to being able to share my media with others here.

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