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Three days ago I installed BTSync on four machines - two Windows 8, two unRAID server (Linux, I did create one single read/write share that holds nearly 70,000 files. All four machines ended with the same amount of files.

Now, three days later, I'm fighting with my installation. All four machines do report different count of files. Whenever I copy a file to one machine at the end it will be deleted by one of the other machines. If I delete a file on one machine it will be re-created from another machine some minutes later. All four machines are playing pingPong. Currently I don't have any clue what machine holds the correct data.

All four machines are in the same LAN. They share the same router and the same switch behind the router. The router gives NTP to all four machines - so date/time issues can't be a possible reason.

I know the software is Alpha but this is really nasty. I saw some !sync files in my directories - don't know what they have to do there and I saw 70,000 files in a metacache directory. What is that?

I did de-install and re-install BTSync on one Windows machine. Since hours this machine is syncing (indexing) one single file per 10 minutes (on a Quad-Core Windows 8 64-bit with 8GB RAM).

Any help is highly appreciated. Should I wait for the next release?

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I am having Identical behavior with 8 machines (with a set of about 100 files), what's more is all the machines have crazy amounts of I/O happening, when they're on the LAN, its upwards of 10MBps, and I have remote clients that are clogging my 20/20 WAN.

Are you seeing something similar. Also look at your log files on the linux host, mine is showing up with thousands of "WriteToDisk: Permission denied" Even though I've attempted to delete these multiple times, and have granted all permissions for the files and directories several levels up.

I just cannot seem to get rid of these, and as a bonus, I just discovered the BTsync has been deleting perfectly good data and replacing it with empty directories.

Any thoughts?

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Don't ask me ;-)

Last thing I had to experience: I found two nearly identical named folders with the same data. I merged them so that both did contain the same data. Next day one of the folders was gone - completely:

C:\Private\BTSync\Projects\Android\App Icons\Project1\project1.ldpi.png

C:\Private\BTSync\Projects\Android\App Icons\Project1\project1.mdpi.png

C:\Private\BTSync\Projects\Android\App Icons\Project1\project1.xdpi.png
C:\Private\BTSync\Projects\Android\App Icons\Project2\project2.mdpi.png

C:\Private\BTSync\Projects\Android\App Icons\Project2\project2.xdpi.png

C:\Private\BTSync\Projects\Android\App Icons\Project2\project2.ldpi.png





I copied everything (no move, copy) and at the end "C:\Private\BTSync\Projects\Android\App Icons" and "C:\Private\BTSync\Projects\Android\Icons" did contain the data of all projects. The next day I thought "You forgot to remove one directory" but "C:\Private\BTSync\Projects\Android\Icons" was already gone. The history showed one machine did delete it. But this machine is a headless Linux server, it's just my backup, I never touch files there.

My first thought was: Ah, BTSync finds identical files and deletes them automatically. Really weird in that siituation.

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I was also on 1.0.116 - I was able to isolate this to two ubuntu hosts which were serving as bridges and backup between our dropbox and btsync environments. The bouncing around seemed to be related to the !sync suffixes, and after removing the ubuntu hosts from the environment, the high I/O seems to have stopped.

Would you like me to grep the logs for anything in particular, with all the permissions errors, it ballooned to around 700MB in the span of a few hours.

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