Incorrect Postdownload Error?


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I've had this situation arise a few times over the last couple of weeks. The pattern seems to be that sometimes when I edit and save on my Android, the Windows client's history will complain: "Failed to download FileName.txt - PostDownload: Cannot create a file when that file already exists."


But my Android isn't creating the file, it's updating the file. So the changed file never gets synced. I've been working around the problem by moving the file outside a sync location and waiting for the deletion to sync, then copying the file back to its original location. But what's the source of this problem? In this situation, I do see a "FileName.txt.SyncOld" file appear, and it always has a newer timestamp than the file that won't sync, so I don't understand why the SyncOld file gets created. I believe the SyncOld file is actually the correctly updated file, but I haven't verified that each time.

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