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I see when I use the desktop version, if I create a new folder, move the new sync folder that made into the new folder, my friend can't sync files with me.  Additionally, when I do that, the folder path doesn't change in the folders list.  I didn't even try to rename or copy/paste either.  Are these issues you can't avoid with the API?

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So, i think I see that can be done in the API. what about versioning? I see when you edit a doc on the desktop version, it gives new edited versions of the file from other users to each other's sync folders. It then saves it with a weir ~$in front of the file name and now Excel won't open the file.  how will this work in the API? Does it name it properly?



Yes, versioning is available in BitTorrent Sync. It creates and stores all the old copies of edited files for the period of 30 days (this default period can be changed in General advanced preferences - sync_trash_ttl). The versions are stored in the hidden .SyncArchive directory within your sync folder that you can open by right click on the sync folder and choosing 'Open SyncArchive'.

Old versions of a file are marked by adding numbers to its name, where the file with the highest number is the latest.

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