Android App Knows To Sync But Doesn't


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Please have a look at the attached screenshot. I do see these two pending downloads since days. In the meantime these files did change on the source computer two times - but they are not updated on the target. The grey line shows that the App knows to download - but it doesn't.


To answer your questions:


* Latest APK

* Readonly share

* These files did exist on the target. After some days I did delete them but they are still not synced.

* These files are not locked on both sides

* No *sync* or *Sync* files on both sides

* No matching SyncIgnore patterns

* Both, source and target, have lots of free space

* The Devices tab on the Windows App shows the differences since days (7.8MB to go)

* I did reboot source and target several times in the meantime


I do see that behaviour with all my four Android Devices (three different Android releases, three different models). In fact, after some weeks of usage, not one single share (out of 16) shows the "synchronised on xx.xx.xxxx" text. All devices report incompleted shares.


I went thru this several times now. Did sync all devices manually with TotalCommander. Did re-install the APK, added the shares and did wait until everything showd 100%sync. Then, after some days of work, the first shares report uncompleted operation. After some weeks all shares are out of sync. It's only the Android APK, not my i386, x64 and Windows 8.1 machines.






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