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Are there plans to make a version of Bittorrent Sync for Chromebooks/chrome os? Or does anybody know how you can get it running?


I'm considering buying a chromebook but not knowing if i will be able to get sync running is holding me back. And does the processor-type (x86 or something else) matter for sync?



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+1 for Chrome(OS) extension.  Not only would it be nice for individual users but it appears from the press that Chromebooks are now the platform of choice in educational institutions.  I imagine there are a lot of Chromebook clients out there and being able to (Bit)sync/spin up the SD cards and other external storage on a classroom full of Chromebooks would be extremely beneficial.

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If you have a chromebook that supports Android apps, try the Resilio Android app. It works great for me. The only downside is that you get the Resilio mobile experience rather than the superior desktop experience, but it's good enough. I doubt that we'll ever see a native Chrome app, unless Chromebooks get a much bigger market share.

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