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I don't know if the problem is with Windows or Google's Picasa or BT Sync, but it appears at least on Windows 7 and Windows 8 (64 and 32 bit), if you use BT Sync to sync a folder that Picasa is watching, Picasa will not see the new files/folders while BT Sync is running. If you exit BT Sync then Picasa will start scanning, if you start BT Sync then it will stop again while BT Sync is running.

There is a forum post about it: "Sync vs. Picasa vs. modified dates!"

I have not tried it with XP, or any other programs that 'watch' folders to try to determine if this is a general Windows thing, a Picasa bug, or a BT Sync bug.

I'm hopeful that it is a BT Sync bug since in my estimation they can and would fix it, Microsoft and Google I have much less faith in fixing something like this...

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