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Hey folks,


My first few developer blog entries are up and live with the today's entry being a Q&A with our very own tuxpoldo here on the forums!


Previous entries here:


What topics would you guys like to see covered next? 



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hi aaronliao, 

I m looking for stories about sharing hd space between unknown, any suggestions?

because I would like to try this kind of social experiment. 


now trying to create the community here, in the "Sync Hacks" section  :)


Hi Mattia,


Interesting idea - are you going to be using the encrypted sync feature from the API to sync the data?  This would be something really cool to talk about on the blog once you get it going!



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This was one of the first things that jumped to mind when I learned about the encrypted keys.


  - You set up a service where users can sign in

  - They would then be able to enter their encrypted key and the btsync on that server would start "backup up" their files

  - They could be charged by volume (since a storage service is being provided to them)

  - They could be charged by allowing others to sync data on their system 


Same applies to managing backups within a company. It's easy enough to set up one ore more backup servers

and then allow users to sign in and add their various keys to the "sync network" using a web interface.


This is why I love btsync so much, it's not just a piece of software, it's a platform on top of which you build. 

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