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  1. Hey willjasen, Cool project! You're right about the cloud "shyness" - the entire premise of Sync is that your data moves from device to device without a required stop in the cloud, thereby eliminating a third location where an attacker could potentially compromise your data (while also eliminating the bandwidth hit as well as cost). With cloud storage, the security of Sync wouldn't really be the issue - the introduction of 3rd party storage would now be the weakest link. I'm not saying that AWS is weak or easy to compromise by any stroke of imagination, just that now your data sits somewh
  2. send me a PM or email with your requesting email address thejae. thanks! aaron
  3. adam1v - thanks for bringing this to my attention. Can you post some details about your configuration (ver of Sync, which Synology devices, etc?) Thanks! aaron
  4. This is an interesting and somewhat unfortunate development. Although it appears that it's already too late (syncmade.com 404's for me now), I would like to invite Syncmade to discuss the bugs that are prohibitive to them or let me know who they attempted to contact at BitTorrent in an effort to get questions answered or to partner with us for marketing purposes. In my time working on Sync, I haven't seen a single inquiry from the Syncmade team - and as Sync's Developer Evangelist, any concerns Syncmade had would have been a top priority for me! The same goes for any and all other Sync API
  5. Yes, the title is supposed to be slightly comedic, but believe it or not, I've gotten at least a few emails that read just like the title and this question also comes up fairly often on this forum, so I'm going to sticky this one for future reference. I personally read, approve and process every API key request that comes in via the Sync Developer website. I like to tell folks that it may take ~72 hours for their key to arrive, but please allow +/- 72 hours if you request a key on a US holiday, on a weekend, etc. "But it has been 72 hours + 73 hours and I STILL haven't received my key!!!
  6. Glad you got your key - I approve and process all of the keys manually and it's just me doing it - so ~72 hours is usually a safe amount of time for me to tell folks to wait. I really need to sticky this at the top of this forum - this topic seems very popular aaron
  7. Looking into this. Thanks for the heads up folks!
  8. Yes! The idea we are kicking around is having a blog entry on the BitTorrent blog that would be a living document that I update with new implementations. How does this sound? aaron
  9. Hey folks, I don't know if you guys follow the Sync Dev Blog, but this week I've got a Q&A with another cool decentralised project - MeshedSites.com Previous featured guests have included our own "tuxpoldo" =] Head on over and take a look http://blog.bittorrent.com/2014/07/31/sync-dev-qa-with-the-creator-of-meshedsites/ I'm always looking for more awesome projects to highlight and talk about - if there's something you'd like to see covered or are working on something yourself, let me know! aaron
  10. This is a great idea and I'd really like to see it happen - happy to lend a hand where I can and would be really excited if the community got this going! aaron