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  1. Hey there. I would like to set a name for a given share in the UI which does *not* reflect the file system folder it points to. I think about creating an arbitrary sync share, go to folder preferences in the sync UI and find there a blank field "display name" being blank by default and showing the current folder name as placeholder. Here is my use case: I run a couple of EncFS mounts where an individual fragment inside is shared by sync. Think about this unencrypted structure: * EncFS ** Private ** Music ** Stuff This results in an encrypted structure: * EncFS ** qwihvlkergoiu ** k
  2. Ah. Didn't mention that "mklink" uses ntfs abilities. So you can just forget about it on devices you use with both, windows and linux and therefore have it formated FAT. So I still want that feature, although my current situation is worked around. Regards, Stephan.
  3. Hey there. Here's an update on this. Windows provides a feature called "junctions". Their behavior can be compared to symlinks on linux or unix systems. I just created one folder ",7l-jsfX,oe" (the encfs encrypted version of "music" on my EncFS setup) and made a junction "music" pointing to "ljsfhoegsf". Goes like this: mklink /J music ",7l-jsfX,oe"I disconnected the ",7l-jsfX,oe" folder from btsync and reconnected "music". The UI shows ",7l-jsfX,oe" in the "name" column but "D:\encrypted\sync\music" in the "path" column. Double clicking the sync linke in the UI opens "D:\encrypted\sync\
  4. Hey there. I really +1 this. Let me give you another use case: Since each of my shared folder is encfs, each of my shares is just a couple of random ASCII characters to me. Comparing 20GB music libs from a 500kB folder of only some SSH keys obvoiusly works, but increasing numbers of shares makes it increasingly harder to just distinguish them by folder size . So if the feature is "whatever the file system folder is named, just pick a differnt name in sync UI", I would love it. Regards, Stephan.
  5. Hey there. I would like to have two CLI arguments: "btsync --last-completed-synchronization $folder" I've written some startup scripts that trigger some tools and wait for mounts to appear, e.g. TrueCrypt, Samba and so on. Would be nice to have a tool in place which tells me when a specific sync folder was completely in sync. Usually having folders in sync for 4h or more I must wait because synchronization will start in a couple of seconds. "btsync --block-until-next-synchronization-finishes $folder" In addition to the use case above, I would call this command and expect it to wait just as lon