Use Actual Popups For Modal Windows At Least In Windows


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Hey there.


As long as I'm managing a remote setup like a headless server, I think the current implementation is quite sufficient. But when talking about desktop integration like in windows, things are different.


Not everybody wants to run his apps in full screen mode. I usually shrink every window to the size it needs and have a couple of windows in parallel. Especially when using different windows in a single workflow, a "click through" feature (I just see some tool icons of very window and can move the mouse without being required to re-focus a window or switch view ports) is ust convenient.


This sums up to: I tend to not run btsync in ful screen mode but only give it 900xp in width and 600px in height. Just an estimation, I didn't count a single one.


Now when opening any modal box in btsync (program preferences or share preferences, as well as the "share" thingy with opened "advanced" bar, every now and then the window height is just not enough and btsyn creates a scroll bar right within the modal window.


The web-ish "lightbox" feature is nice for web situations where popups are blocked by browsers or shoud just create the user experience of "you can't go on using the website without at least clicking away this box". But for desktop operation systems using an inline lightbox-ish impementation and not resizing the viewport to at least the required height is just not the proper UI pattern.




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