Dont Enforce Viewport Heights On Windows


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Hey there.


I just discovered that, at least the 1.4.75 version, has a minimum height not fitting its content at all. My notebook has a 1280*800px screen running windows 7. The btsync windows requires at least 90% of that, which leaves very little space for other applications. That's almost twice the height of ths very text input box.


I do agree that there can be some minimum height. But I really don't like you to waste so much of my screen for nothing.


Currently I have six shares. The box holding those shares can hold at least twice as much without requiring to scroll, an the header bar leaves as much space as two shares use just empty above the "add folder" button.


So my suggestion would be to

* remove that empty space above the "add folder" button

* only require a window height for the header bar and two sync shares




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