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Persist Ui Preferences For Web Clients Within The Application Database

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Hey there.


Being a web developer on the one hand and a little paranoid on the other, I regularely use browsers in "privacy" modes. The web developer part is the most important one: I regularely just flush my browser settings including cookies, history and form prefills.


When opening the web ui of one of my headless instances of btsync, I'm always faced with ony two columns: Status and name.


When managing those instances, I usually want to know some stuff about their current syc statuses, like bandwidth usage, number of conneted peers and last sync date. I always need to go to settings / preferences and add those columns. And when I come back to that instance the other day, the setting is just cone and I need to add those columns again.


So it would be really great if the headless instance could just store its column configuration in the application database.




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