Geo Load Balancing & Data Replication Alternative


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We have been experimenting with btsync (somebody casually mentioned you guys on as an opensource alternative to commercial file replication solutions.


For this project, we are developing a financial platform with geo-balancing configuration spread across datacentres on major continents. We are catering to users worldwide. The Snowden affair has really shaken up things, so data security is a main concern.


Our main criteria is:

- Virtually no performance impact (our team's target is <1% CPU Usage).

- High performance file sync.

- Encryption that breaks government agencies. We are talking NSA, China and Mother Russia.

- Easily deployed on new nodes.

- Set it and forget it.


If we were using Windows, MS DFS would have been the default choice. Sadly enough, Azure and Amazon AWS aren't present in the regions we want. And on Linux, rsync is kind of primitive, there is no out of the box encryption - it takes some effort to configure it to transfer data securely.


Our current config is:

- Ubuntu.

- 10 active instances.

- Multi-site.


We are finalizing our tech stack this coming week. Let's see how its been performing.


I am wondering whether btsync creators ever imagined the implications of this software in the enterprise world. 

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