Windows Client Hangs With Encrypted Folder

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I just start using btsync, because I search an alternative to Synology CloudStation, which has problems since last updates.


I install btsync to 2 computer with Ubuntu, a Android Smartphone, 2 Windows 7 PC and a Synology Diskstation 213+ and want to sync different folders.


I have an issue, when I add a folder, which is encrypted with encfs (originally created with BoxCryptor Classic in Windows) to a btsync Windows client. Btsync is not responding anymore after adding the encrypted folder. It is the same on 2 different notebooks with Windows 7 SP 1 64Bit and a VirtualBox-VM with Windows 7 32Bit.


In the sync.log are, after adding the folder, only messages

Incoming connection from ...

visible. No more work on other folders, which are added before.


On the linux-clients and the Android the problem does not occur with the same folder. On this clients the folder is mostly "out of sync", but sometimes files are transferred.


Because I added some big other folders to the clients, I assume, it is normal, that btsync needs some time to sync all files. But it is also possible, that the folder cannot be synced properly also on linux and android-clients. At least, these clients don't hang and worked on the other folders.


I already kill btsync on the windows-clients and delete the





and start btsync empty. It works then with other folders, but when I add the encrypted folder, the same problem occurs.


Has someone a solution for this? I need this encrypted folder on all clients. When btsync is not able to sync this folder, I have to search for another solution.


Thanks in advance.



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I have some additional information to the encrypted folder, which causes the problems with windows sync-client:


The folder contains 344 files in 42 folders.

The file-names are encrypted too.


I changed singular files in the folder and see, that they are immediatly synched between the ubuntu-clients.


But the android-clients don't get the changed files. I create a new encrypted folder on a ubuntu-client, share it and sync with a empty folder in android. The encrypted files are copied to the android-folder very fast. But when I made changes, they are not synced. I see in the android-client, that 4 files have to be synced. But even manually sync do nothing.


I don't know, if this behavior in android has something to do with the hang of windows-clients. But it is another issue, which has to be solved. Otherwise I cannot use btsync for my needs.


I found a older post where issues with encrypted files are mentioned and that they are solved with version 1.4.99. I have the latest version 1.4.103 installed on ubuntu and version on android. Have the older android-version maybe still issues with encrypted files?

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