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I often have requirements like:


"Basically I want to have pull new files in a folder, but want to keep on-demand sync for some kind of files for space saving" especially for mobile PCs with limited storage capacity.


It would be so great if you can allow us "filtering" functionality for the "sync-all" synchronization with wildcard characters for file names.


It would be so good if both the white-list and black-list filtering can be opted.



For mobile PCs with limited storage, I have also cases where I keep folders in not sync-all, but only pushing new files.

I often want to release disk space with purging some uploaded files, but still want to keep some file types.

It would be great to have such a filtering capability also for purging.


(However also want to have a protection function not to delete files even matching with filters, until they are pushed to at least one of the peer members.)



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