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  1. I was able to install the Sync client for my Android 2.2 device by the Google Play, but a legacy client was somehow deployed and unable to sync with other 2.0 devices. If you no longer support such old Android versions, it would be better to correct the compatibility scope. Thanks,
  2. I had my sync folder repository on an external SD memory card by my Andoid client. I needed to replace the card, then the synchronization stopped. To have it functioning back, I needed to once disconnect the folder and reconnect. It would be great if having an action to reset the synchronization by one action for a folder. Thanks,
  3. I often have requirements like: "Basically I want to have pull new files in a folder, but want to keep on-demand sync for some kind of files for space saving" especially for mobile PCs with limited storage capacity. It would be so great if you can allow us "filtering" functionality for the "sync-all" synchronization with wildcard characters for file names. It would be so good if both the white-list and black-list filtering can be opted. For mobile PCs with limited storage, I have also cases where I keep folders in not sync-all, but only pushing new files. I often want to release disk space with purging some uploaded files, but still want to keep some file types. It would be great to have such a filtering capability also for purging. (However also want to have a protection function not to delete files even matching with filters, until they are pushed to at least one of the peer members.) Thanks,
  4. I am also being troubled with obsole devices after I reset them... I hope that an UI to remove devices are to be provided soon. Thanks,
  5. It's so great to have BitTorrent Sync to support the place holder and file-level on-demand sync. However, the current implementation looks not so good yet to release disk space. Let's assume to carry out a mobile PC with limited storage capacity. I have a folder connected, while "sync all" is disabled. I add new files to the synched folder. When the storage space is running out, I want to regain storage space with converting files into place holders, for ones which have been pushed to "sync all" enabled devices. To achieve such, I was not able to find any other way than disconnecting the folder with the deleting file option. This is not only troublesome, but also have risk to lose files which have not been pushed to others. I hope that this problem can be addressed soon. Thanks,
  6. Performing simple file moves among sub folders in a sync folder seems to invoke full file retransmissions among devices. It is especially problematic, or rather concerning when devices are being synchronized over slow, and measured WAN connections. It is really appreciated to optimize the synchronization implementation for such a situation. Thanks,
  7. I would agree with the request by Sue D. Nymme, but I would more prefer : * List up configured sync folders with sync progress information, by the right-click context menu of the task tray icon of the Windows client, as menu items. * As sub menu items of each a sync folder entries, to have - Open by File Explorer - Pause / Resume per folder basis Of course, it would be great to have the equivalents by the client window. Thanks,
  8. it would be appreciated if the Windows client supports the Volume File Copy, as file operations often fails due to too strong file locks. e.g. bulk geotagging by GeoSetter - often incomplete process takes place for some of the files. It first generate a temporary file and renames it successively, but the rename operation fails. Such an observation is not seen by Google Drive.
  9. It seems that the current BitTorrent Sync does not work well for a multi-homed node, and I appreciate so much if you can sort this out. A typical beneficial situation is, have the Internet connection of one of the peer members shared with the others, by BlueTooth PAN, ad-hoc WLAN, Windows SoftAP, or Connectify Hotspot. I am afraid that the easiest solution would be propagate itself to all the connected networks, and probably it does not provide considerable side effects. Thanks,
  10. Hello, It's so great if capable of pausing sync in the folder level, not only global. thanks,
  11. I often love to work by a keyboard rather than mouse, and there should be considerable number of people as well. I want the BitTorrent sync client to allow us to move among tabs by [Ctrl]+[Tab] or [Ctrl]+[shift]+[Tab], as other Windows apps. Thanks,
  12. Thank you for your reply, GreatMarko. Please be clarified that I do NOT want to have synchronization only in a LAN, but want to take out some of the nodes roaming. Please also be clarified that I had performed a search in the forums if my question had been already made. However, it just simply provided a link for the root of the "wishlist" thread. I did actually put some effort to see if my question had made, but finally, I concluded it was less likely. thanks,
  13. Hello. Recent Windows can mark a network profile marked as "metered connection". I do want BitTorrent sync to have an option to prefent file transfer over metered connection profiles, but only with peers over non-metered network profiles. Thanks,
  14. Trying BitTorrent sync for some time, I have often experienced somehow peers in the same LAN looks synchronizing over the slow Internet connection, not over the LAN. Currently, in the devices tab, I have seen 2 icons: arrows - to indicate direct peer-to-peer linkcloud - to indicate a link over a relay node on the Internet.However, both links in the local network and links over the Internet are all represended by the same icon with arrows. I would like to have another icon, to distinguish local peers from remote ones. I also want to have a new functionality to force a local peer re-discovery, for a link over the Internet, even though the peer is on the same LAN. Sometimes, transfer speed appears going through a WAN link, and sometimes even a local peer appears being over a relay node. Thanks,