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  1. The times are the same on all the computers. I also deleted every file on one PC and then tried to resync all the files back onto it. Still getting the same errors.
  2. It's in my sync history. "Skipping file whatever.jpg with bad timestamp". There are a bunch of files that it skips like this. I even tried to change the timestamps of files and was still getting the error.
  3. I've got a lot of files that appear to have bad time stamps. How do I fix this so they sync correctly?
  4. I've got multiple android devices, and the girl has a few iOS ones, plus, we've got 5ghz wifi (though I don' think you said that would put us any higher on the list) I signed up for the android list on the site, but if you want to hurry my applications along...
  5. Likewise, if you are worried about size limitations, a quota that you could add to a share on each synced device to prevent downloading or uploading over the selected amount. This way, I could set a 5gb share on my phone, 2gb on my tablet, and we'll go with 10gb on the phone I have connected to my TV, but have no quotas on my desktops. I could put a movie into the share, it's HD and just over 2GB, so my tablet won't get it, but it syncs everywhere else. Uploads would have a separate quota that you could set, this would prevent someone from throwing gigs of data into a shared folder and ruining everybody's storage and transfers. There could be a separate setting that states not to download/upload files over a certain size as well. These would be good settings for desktop and mobile versions
  6. Is that 1m per shared folder, or 1m max total?
  7. But you choose what folders you sync, so you can certainly sync mobile specific folders with other devices or desktops. I currently sync (full automatic sync) all my photos, downloads, and other files with a dropbox folder. Syncapp could let me cut out the middleman of box and just sync items with my desktop. All it needs is an option to limit sync to only over wifi or only when battery is over 25%/or on charge.
  8. Currently, I have DropSync installed to connect with dropbox. I use this to automatically sync any pictures I take with my phone or tablet, anything I download via the browser, as well as the information from multiple applications, with dropbox, which then syncs them to my desktop and laptop. I would use Syncapp in much the same manner, except since I'm not limited by any storage space restrictions as I am with Dropbox, I could also use it to sync larger video and and music libraries over. Features that would be great would be to set it to sync via chosen networks only (such as only wifi), the ability to limit syncing over battery versus plugged in, timed as well as automatic syncing, as well as the ability to set each of these limitations on a per folder basis. For instance, I want any pictures I take with the camera to automatically sync at any time no matter what, but items I download via the browser can wait until I'm on wifi.
  9. "We're writing to let you know that the group you tried to contact (syncapp) may not exist, or you may not have permission to post messages to the group. A few more details on why you weren't able to post:" Doesn't look like I'm allowed to email you guys
  10. Another nice feature, would be the ability to see the size of the various .synctrash folders in the app, as opposed to opening each one individually. Preferably with the options to open or empty them as needed from within the app as well.
  11. Even the ability to right click on an active transfer and choose an option to pause/unpause just this file or even to filter just that file out completely transfer it (with a page in the preferences to undo the filter), while leaving all other transfers active.
  12. Is there any kind of schedule or timeframe between updates?
  13. Yeah, I haven't noticed any of the issues that I was experiencing previously
  14. I think it would be nice to connect Sync to a free cloud service I already use. I'm not sure how it would work on the authentication side, or how well the bittorrent protocols would work with them, but setting up my dropbox, box.net, cubby, skydrive, googledrive, or any other cloud service as another synced device would be rather nice. They could act as another peer to help with downloads. My shared files would still be available if my computer is off. Of course, at that point, I may as well just share them via the options on the cloud storage site. Now if SyncApp could somehow combine all my cloud storage into one large drive, and share via them all, it would be really useful. I could share a 15GB file that won' fit on just one service, but will if SyncApp breaks it up into chunks across each service, and then shares those chunks along with the original on my computer... But that's probably looking into the distant future.
  15. I've got everything back on (syncapp, the new drive, and monitor) the only difference is I assigned the new drive a different letter, and it's working fine. I as watching videos housed on the new drive (locally and streaming) as well as syncing files of all sizes with not difficulty. SyncApp itself was not sharing anything on the new drive.