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  1. Issue still exists, 1,5 years later. Only solution for me is to remove the share, and add it again.
  2. Thanks for your reply! I did try restarting Sync, both on desktop and the phone. Unfortunately didn't help. I look forward to the fix, meanwhile, I'll just deal with it then. Thanks for all the work!
  3. Hi there, I loved Resilio sync through the years. Though now with a new phone and new SD card (that doesn't have file system errors), I notice an issue. I have my phone set up to take photos to my SD card. Then I've configured Resilio Sync to sync those photos with my desktop. They are synced, but the taskbar icon of Resilio Sync on my desktop keeps spinning. Also when bringing Resilio Sync to the foreground on the desktop, it keeps indicating that the camera folder share is not 100% synced. Sometimes 67%, sometimes 85%, and when I look which files are in the queue, then these are so called "hidden fuse" files. I can't find these files though, except sometimes just one of those files. When deleting that file, it doesn't solve the issue. When removing the sync link, and setting it up over again, it again syncs to 100%, until I make a new photo on my phone. This problem doesn't happen when I use the internal storage, which I rather not do, because of the amount of free space. Any suggestions what I can do? Thanks so much in advance! Dennis