Api 2.0 Removing Folders Deletes Empty Folders

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when I remove a folder using api 2.0 any empty folders in the shared folder are removed. I'm using "deletedirectory":"false" . Is this a bug or am I missing something?


I've also noticed the following:

- setting "deletedirectory":"true" does not remove the folders from the harddrive.

- sometimes removing folders results in a status_code other than 204 error and the folder is not removed. When removing say 10 folders I need to run my script several times before all folders are removed.


This is the exact code I'm using (python):

removed_folder = delete('http://my_ip:888/api/v2/folders/my_folder_key?token=my_token', delete={"deletedirectory":"false"}, auth=(my_user,my_password), cookies=my_cookie)

If anyone can shed some light on this I'd be most grateful!





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Hi Willem,


It's a bug, will be fixed soon. When you disconnect folder on Linux from regular UI - same issue happens, all empty folders are removed. The "deletedirectory" setting does not mean anything anymore - was removed recently (altogether with ability to delete all files in UI when user disconnects folder).


We'll update documentation also, thanks for reporting.

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