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I have multiple Kodi media centers in various locations and I'd like to streamline everything. Here is what I'd like.


I have OpenELEC installed on a small media center PC at my house, my brother's house, and a third location. In my house, I also have a Ubuntu server that holds about 2TB of movies. The media center PC at my house picks up the server's library automatically, but I'd like to be able to install a USB 2TB HDD to the media center PC at my bro's and the other location and have the movie library sync to all three spots automatically (if I add a new movie at home on the server). 


I think there are ways to do this by installing the Sync binary directly the OpenELEC install and adding it to the startup script or something, but it would be nice if it was cleaner and easier by doing so with a Kodi addon.


If something like this does already exist, I'd be happy to hear about it, but it seems like this could be a very "in demand" type of feature for having your media library on Kodi in various distant locations with minimal technical know how.

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