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  1. I have multiple Kodi media centers in various locations and I'd like to streamline everything. Here is what I'd like. I have OpenELEC installed on a small media center PC at my house, my brother's house, and a third location. In my house, I also have a Ubuntu server that holds about 2TB of movies. The media center PC at my house picks up the server's library automatically, but I'd like to be able to install a USB 2TB HDD to the media center PC at my bro's and the other location and have the movie library sync to all three spots automatically (if I add a new movie at home on the server). I
  2. So this is the only thread about the error I'm receiving: "This folder cannot be added to Sync. It contains a folder that is already syncing." I'm currently sharing a movie folder on an external drive (path on Ubuntu /media/2TBMedia/Movies), the photos folder from my Android device (as /home/ahow628/BTShared/DCIM), and nothing else. I want to add the folder /home/ahow628/Downloads but I get the above error. Clearly I don't have any folder below that shared. Is the fact that both have /home/ahow628 in them causing issues or what?
  3. This is not hard. Set up a folder on your backup server called "Mobile backups". That folder will contain folders titled something like "Device 1", "Device 2", etc. Each of the Device folders will contain "Photos", "Movies", "System", etc. Bam, all your device backups in one folder. You then have 9 more folders to use in the free version. Plus this would make your system far less cluttered and you could more easily find things. Bottom line, this is not a huge hurdle to overcome.
  4. Excellent. That worked. However, I will say that if you remove the file from your Android device and then try to click the share link on the desktop, it goes away in less than a second. On my second try, I pulled up the share dialog on the desktop first, then removed from the Android device, then was able to readd the folder without issue and without the double named folders. So steps 8-10 should go after step 3.
  5. I'm running into the same issue with a twist. My anal retentive self didn't like the /storage/emulated/0/Movies/Movies and I thought I accidentally did that by creating the folder in the folder, but apparently not. After removing it, I tried to add it again, but it won't add. Additionally, using your workaround is now giving Unknown Error 106.
  6. I'd pay for a lifetime subscription. If for no other reason than I hate worrying about if my credit card info needs to be updated or if I missed the renewal email. The less stuff I have to think about the better.
  7. Alright, I'm typically not one to comment, but I feel I need to. 1) I'm paying for Pro. $40/yr (actually $30 for the early bird special) seems like a heck deal compared to something like Dropbox which is 3-4x that price. A lifetime subscription would have been nice, but I'm not overly concerned about it. I probably would have paid for a lifetime Dropbox subscription a few years ago, but now I'd definitely be having buyer's remorse, since Dropbox has taken some questionable turns in my opinion. 2) As for the lying thing, come on. Companies "lie" all the time. Only $19.95!* *does not include
  8. I know this is a bit out of date, but wanted to mention that DuckDNS does exactly what you need. You just need to install the DuckDNS client on his PC and then you create a link to get the IP. So something like http://journeyman.duckdns.org would forward to your uncle's external IP address. It is free and they have a ton of support.
  9. Currently, the "on device" filter for a folder in the Sync for Android app only shows completed downloads. It would be nice to have one of the following: 1) When filtering for "on device", it would be nice if it would show currently downloading items as well, perhaps in a lighter shaded font. 2) Perhaps add a second filter so it would be "all files", "on device", and "partial downloads" or something like that. I know Sync v2.0 is in alpha so maybe the new Android app will have some better UX or maybe this a good time to recommend this so it can make it into 2.0 for Android.