Security Cameras and FreeBSD Synth building


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So I mentioned this on the old forum but I'll mention it again, plus a couple other items I am now doing.

  • I have a few NAS type servers (most are off site) build with FreeBSD, an awesome OS I might add, check it out!  I have security cameras that send pictures to a folder on the NAS. BTsync simply syncs to each server, and those sync to our cell phones. If the alarm company calls we have pictures on our phones. Also in the event the NAS was found and stolen or destroyed, copies of the bad guys are already off site.
  • Our library of family moments (pictures and videos) are replicated to the off site servers. Those servers use Minidlna to stream the libraries to smart TVs. So our parents who live in other parts of the world can enjoy our pictures and videos simply using the TV remote control.
  • Side benefit of using BTsync - since my NAS is replicated to off-site servers if my home server were to suffer a catastrophic failure or be destroyed in fire for example I have multiple copies already off-site that I can use. (Note since i use read/write mode everywhere for various reasons, I also use external drives to make rotating copies off-site, just in case somehow a "rm -r *" type boo boo is done.)

(Shameless promotion - I realize there are a lot of folks here that use various OSs, but if you are in the mood to try something truly refreshing, rock solid architecture, etc you should give FreeBSD a try. Its a direct descendant of the BSD type UNIX and if you have a open mind I believe you won't be disappointed.)

Edit 2018-07-20 - I realize now I failed to mention the Synth stuff.  Synth is a program that is used to compile/build other programs for FreeBSD. Some of my other machines are older so less powerful CPUs. So what I do is I use Synth with profiles on the more powerful machine to build the programs. But how does it know what to build? Easy, thanks to Bittorrent Sync (now Resilio) a copy of the target machine files is on the builder machine. Here is the beauty part: lets say you have 50 identical target machines. Sync up the require folders, let Synth do its thing and after completion go to each traget machine and have its local Synth or PKG do the upgrade. Slick!!

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Forgot to mention the Synth part.
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