Are there any IOS text editors that allow saving a new file directly to Resilio Sync?

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I use Resilio Sync to store plain text files, to sync between my Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Resilio Sync does this just fine, and because it serves as a document provider, I can preview and open the existing files in a variety of apps.  I use 1Writer for this which is a nice app and works fairly well.

However, when I create a document in 1Writer, the only way I can get documents into Resilio Sync is by storing them locally on the IOS device and then copying them over (one at a time) to the appropriate Sync folder.  This is a bit of a pain.  1Writer allows integration with iCloud and Dropbox, and I believe that you can even store files by default into these locations.  However, other normal document providers don't have this as an option.

Are there any IOS text editors that would allow me to save directly to Resilio Sync?  (Even better if I could set it to do this by default).

Another option would be if I could easily move files in bulk from local storage on the iPad into Resilio Sync.

Anyone have any ideas?  I'm committed to a non-cloud solution, but this is really hampering my workflow.

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