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Trevor Meier

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The new one time share feature is great! It could be more useful, however, if the shared file was synced in the background to any linked devices for that identity, so that if the sharing device (say a laptop or a phone) go offline, the file can still be shared. It also allows faster downloading by the receiving peer since it can receive from multiple peers.


This would be particularly great with an "encrypted peer" linked device type, but I've saved that for my other post today...

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More scenario are described here


Message Quote:


On 31.7.2017 at 9:13 PM, thobarth said:

Dear Resilio team,

OK, so you implemented sharing single files. This looks useful at first glance, but in the end, it does not help us much, because it is not thought to the very end:

1.) A user sharing a file wants to close down his laptop shortly after creating the share link. So, there must always be a peer who picks up the file ASAP after creating the link. We want to configure either a share, or a set of peers, where the shared file are all sent to, and who will accept and download them all, so I can drive home while others can receive the file. My colleague wanted to send me a 80MB file today using the feature, and then go home, while I still was in a meeting. I needed the file after the meeting. For such a case, the feature is totally useless without propagating the file to an always-on peer.

2.) Simple deep links to existing files on existing shares. Requested so often. The explorer/finder plugin should offer a menu item to generate a deep link to a file or directory that already exists on a share. This is just for convenience, to embed file URLs in email, Slack, Intranets and other documents, and enable users to find them without browsing the folder structure manually.

3.) A configurable rewrite pattern (per share) to generate web URLs. We want to install a web server on one of the always-on peers, or maybe a WebDAV or SMB server or something like this. Just let us configure a pattern to rewrite the path or a file or directory in a Resilio share to a URL with a configurable pattern. As soon as the always-on peer receives the file, it will make it accessible there. Per-share configuration should be synced to any peer. Internal users could click the generated URL, and the installed web application could even allow them to manage external https share links for the files there.




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