For a better overview: "status"-column signals "sync completed with <peerXY>"


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Resilio Sync realy works fine and does what I want.

What I'm missing is the Status Column signaling "sync completed with <peerXY>" as I can look for in the Log Menue "Synchronisation with <XYZ" completed".

Instead the Status is always a "green V" even if the Log says "Updated file <cbvgf.asd>" whatever that means.

I think, as the Log demonstrates, the state "sync completed with <peerXY>" exists and with little effort you can there from derive a signal  in  the Status Column. That would result in a better overview about the lot of syncing processes and makes it much easier to decide to shutdown Resilio Sync or the whole computer.

A solution could be (with possibly two fields) in Status Column:

black rotating cirkle: "reading file info"
blue rotating cirkle: "file transfer in progress"
yellow rotating cirkle: "sync with <count> peers in progress"
green  V: "sync completed with all peers"

best regards and thanks

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On 21.9.2017 at 9:17 PM, awgMoRF said:

What I'm missing is the Status Column signaling "sync completed with <peerXY>"


The old Bit Torrent Sync obviously already does what I desired in this feature request. It seems to me that this feature dropped away developing Resilio Sync.

Last day I used again my old XP desktop with Bit Torrent Sync syncing with Resilio Sync App on MyCloudMirror. As I understand the operations, this preliminary version is signaling "sync completed with <peerXY>" by a "green V" in a "static closed green cycle".

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