[Solved] Selective Sync on Mac (WebUI): No pop-up window

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I have setup my Mac according to: "Launching Sync on Mac without user logged in"

but I have problem with Selective Sync shares through the WebUI ... 
... I will not get a pop-up window when clicking on the share-name (it is in that pop-up window you will be able to choose to just sync a subset of the placeholder-files).
Is this not supported in Mac OS X (through WebUI) ?
The selective syncing itself seems to work because I can see a lot of placeholder-files.

Same thing will work when accessing a Sync instance running (headless) on a linux server (accessed through the WebUI).

I've done my tests from the same web-browser.
Using Resilio Sync 2.5.10.


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I got really fast response from Resilio Support. Many thanks!

This will solve the problem:

add line "enable_placeholders": false to myconfig.json file (any place, in first level json), for example: 

 "device_name": "My Headless Mac",
 "storage_path" : "/Users/resiliosync/Library/Application Support/Resilio Sync/",
 "use_gui" : false,
 "enable_placeholders": false,
 "use_upnp" : true,
 "webui" :
   "listen" : "",
   "login" : "admin",
   "password" : "password"

Note the commas to preserve json syntax. Restart Sync (reboot) . 

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