How do I remove a sync folder?


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How do I remove a sync folder from the database *without* removing all the underlying files. I'd like to remove the database entries and any files created by sync, but I don't want to remove files. And I *especially* don't want to remove original files from the main computer...

(I'm interested in the general answer to the question, but the situation is that I have two sync'd folders that are the same folder... meaning I'm getting two copies of the folders on my synced computers.. and I have no idea what the implications are on the original folder. Are their duplicate deleted files folder, databases, etc???)

Generally, I feel very nervous that something that I'm going to do on a sync'd computer will delete original files on the main computer. What do I need to do to ensure that doesn't happen? If I delete the shadow copies on a selectively sync'd folder, will the originals be deleted too?

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@twinotter When you're done syncing a folder, you can choose to disconnect it, which only affects one device, or to remove it, which affects all the devices linked with your personal identity. Folder will still remain the file system on both sides. Placeholders will be removed and not remain in the file system.

If your devices linkeв under common identity and you wanna remove a placeholder file on one side it will be removed on the another one but Sync supports versioning and you can restore it.

As for the folders with index if they have the same content you can disconnect them and reconnect  it and point it to the right location, right-click on the folder in Sync -> Disconnect. Then right-click again -> Connect and select the location. But please it works only when Sync has Pro/Trial version.

Theese articles should help you:

If you have Sync Free a remove option will be available for the added folder.

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