Resilio sync after a system backup/copy


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I currently sync folders on my C:\ drive (windows 7 system drive). Now I want to make an exact duplicate of that system partition to transfer it onto a second harddisk, so that I will have 2 computers with the same OS.

So obviously all ".sync" folders and all user info (user ID, AppData\roaming\Resilio Sync Service) will be the same.

Will that cause any problems? Or should I delete ".sync" folders and uninstall resilio sync first on the second system?

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Technically Sync isentity cloning is available but in yoiur case if you plan Sync 2 devices better to install Sync on new device and using external drive add folder to the necessary storage and after connect them correctly. Details can be found here.

As for the syncing  C:\ drive you can do it but it is useless and this drive adding will cause many issues and it contains system data of your OS and includes storage folder of Sync app. So you will sync storage folder of the app using the same app. Anyway as for the our app you can use ignore list to prevent it but as for the other apps please make sure that they are not running as Sync will never send files to remote peer while they are in use.

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As a follow up:

I needed to

1) delete all databases (on the computer with the system copy)

c:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync Service\*.*

and 2) to remove and add each folder.

If you don't delete the databases syncing will work but only with those peers that were not system-copied.

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