NAS back-to-back backup - Possible with Sync?

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Hi all,

I browsed through the forum for quite some time, but didn't find an answer to the use case I'm trying to solve with Sync. If there is such a thread, please let me know.

I am planning on improving my file backup setup by introducing a second NAS device at my parents home (to protect against fire damage or theft etc.).

What I'm currently thinking about is this:
- 1 Netgear readyNAS with 4TB (2x 4TB in RAID1) at my parents place
- 1 Synology DS218+ with 4TB (2x 4TB in RAID1) would be bought and placed at my place

I would then want to use Sync to backup folders of approximately 1TB (of important files, pictures etc.) between the two storages, where the remote NAS should act as an incremental backup to the local one (and vice versa). The rest of the storage of the two NAS would be used normally without syncing to the remote NAS.

Do you see any issues with this setup or problems making this impossible? I'm especially unsure about the incremental backup part. If you can think of any improvements or better ways of doing this I would be glad to hear them :)

Thanks in advance for your answers!


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Resilio Sync is a sync. If you delete a file on A it will get removed on B. If your parents delete some files on B it will get removed on A. The files won't get deleted instantly, but moved to the hidden archive folder, from where you can restore the files again. Still, that's not a backup, it's a sync.

With this archive folder Resilio Sync also offers some versioning

But it's still not a backup.

There are other backup tools better suited for this job. Like Duplicati if you want a nice GUI.

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