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Here's my problem - I've got two laptops at my work desk, my "main" one runs Ubuntu 18.04 which I bring from home (it's my personal laptop, but most days leave it at work because I can't be bothered lugging it during my daily commutie), the other runs Windows 10 supplied by work (pretty much just use it for skype 4 business and couple of nasty proprietary windows only "service desk" applications)...

The Ubuntu host NEVER seems to sync with my stuff at home when located at the office - but strangely enough, sometimes the Windows 10 sync does get updates "over the cloud" from my home network.

So - I bought a "tiny" 256 GB USB 3.1 thumb drive - and inserted it into my Banana Pi (m1) running Armbian.  I've soldered battery terminals and a LIPO onto the board.  This is the "original" Banana Pi (model 1?) A20 dual core, 1 GB RAM, pretty much running headless...

I take that home every day and bring it back into work the next day - and (Resilio Sync) sync over ethernet in both cases (work's wifi is flakier than my home wifi and the Banana doesnt have wifi anyway)...  Battery (2700 mah?) drops to 63% capacity during my 45-60 minute commute...  so I reckon I'd probably get 3 hours out of it if pushed...

So - no mattter what corporate firewall rules are in place - my data is sync'd ...  it's nearly all just a subset of my music collection, documents and shell scripts...  I've got a license for Sync Pro, but I don't use selective sync, just three separate sync folders (shell scripts, documents, Music)...  


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