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  1. Hi, Name's Dan - live in Perth West Australia. Been using Resilio about 4 months... and loving it! Originally started using it while I was 3000 km away in Melbourne syncing to stuff at "home" in Perth). Across a bunch of Linux desktops and servers and SBC's (RPi 3b, Pine64, BananaPI) and on my NAS (FreeNAS 11 via jail / plugin). Haven't tried it out on Windows or Mac (don't run either) - tried it on my iPad Pro 12.9 (2017) - and it doesn't seem to "keep" sync'd folders I've added/pasted to it... but it's not a major issue for me... I'll keep using my free Dropbox (earned 11 GB in nearly 10 years of using it)... I'm "normally" a full-time Linux / Unix / Solaris Sysadmin (none of my personal Solaris boxes are currently running - and I haven't tried to get Resilio working on them anyway) - but over last 3 years or so I've been mostly unemployed - so - if/when I get get a full-time semi-permanent "gig" and regular pay cheques (how did I afford an iPad pro? Gift from my mum!), I'll probably sling out the cash and buy RSL Pro - I'd probably do it now if it had a "working" app indicator / systray applet for Linux (mostly Ubuntu 17.10 running Gnome - will probably go Bionic Beaver when it's like Ubuntu 18.04.1 - won't be jumping in April). In the "interim" I've managed a "workaround" for doing selective sync on the free version (I hope I'm not breaching any EULA) - I just add a new sync folder (e.g. my Music files) that I only want to sync with hosts that have "big" hard drives (and not e.g. my RPi3 with a "tiny" 16 GB SDCard*). Another great thing about Resilio Sync? It stores symlinks as SYMBOLIC LINKS - unlike Dropbox! So I work around Dropbox's PITA "store symlinks as the full file contents" - by placing symlinks in my Resilio Sync sync folders to data I'm still using Dropbox for... So in summary - my wishlist : Keep (i.e. don't lose them) pasted sync folders in iOS version of app - I haven't done much trouble-shooting on this myself... App "indicator" applet for Gnome desktops (or even better - any Linux desktop - e.g. pantheon, Gnome, XFCE - even legacy Unity). Don't default to creating /home/[user]/Resilio Sync with a space - e.g. /home/dan/ResilioSync instead. I guess I could change this myself when installing - but so far I've persevered with the space in the name of the folder - for consistency... * Probably a bad example, as the RPi3 is actually sync'ing my "cloud" music collection - the sync'd folder is a symlink to an NFS mount from my NAS. A better example is maybe Xubuntu 16.04 running on an ancient iMac (2006 "white" coreduo) - with a tiny partition for Linux (30 GB).