Ignoring folders and their contents not working and confusing


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I've been enjoying Resilio Sync for the last few days, but I have two big issues making the IgnoreList to work and actually understanding how it works:


1. On my main Mac, there is a sync folder Music and a child folder iTunes (i.e. iTunes is in the root of the synced folder Music). I want to completely exclude iTunes from syncing. That is, I want neither its name nor any of its contents to be seen on any other peer. So in the IgnoreList file of Music I put

    /iTunes         # what exactly is this supposed to ignore?

    /iTunes/*     # what exactly is this supposed to ignore?

As soon as I start syncing Music, I see that the entire folder structure of iTunes has been replicated on the remote peer, but not the files. I tried removing Music and adding it back to the sync, I tried editing the IgnoreList file (which only resides on the main machine) multiple times, restarting Resilio Sync... Nothing helped. The folder structure of iTunes is still being replicated on the remote peer. What am I doing wrong?

Edit: In sync.log I see the lines

    [20181122 22:21:53.528] FC[6A93]: ignore list contents changed
    [20181122 22:21:53.528] FC[6A93]: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    [20181122 22:21:53.529] FC[6A93]: "/iTunes/*"
    [20181122 22:21:53.529] FC[6A93]: "/iTunes"

So the patterns are read from the file. But then right below there is a line

    [20181122 15:25:54.687] MC[E856] [C846]: will send files for /iTunes//

and then a number of lines saying that files inside the iTunes folder have been index. So the IgnoreList seems to have no effect.

Edit2: I tried removing the second pattern above (/iTunes/*) and it now seems to work. Originally I put both lines because of this forum post. Still a little confused, explanation will be much appreciated!

Edit3: I did the same for another folder (only put the first line), and the same problem appeared again – the folder structure of an ignored folder is replicated on the remote peer. Also, Resilio Sync on the remote peer complains that it cannot sync some items (due to no peer being online), whose number is exactly the number of files inside the ignored folder. Tried adding both or just one of the ignore patterns, still the problem persists. I tried so many things so many times, nothing works.

So confused now... Seems that IgnoreList is not working reliably... That's a deal-breaker... :( 


2. I'm very confused by the docs saying that the pattern Parent/Child only works when Parent is in the root of the sync folder. This implies that the patterns Parent/Child and /Parent/Child do the same thing. How can I ignore a Child folder inside a Parent folder that resides anywhere in the sync folder hierarchy?


Thanks very much in advance!

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Yeah very pathetic, none works.


Mongoloids don't even use their software.


[20201128 20:20:02.289] [OnNotifyFileChange] "/Users/evrial/Library/Caches/Google/Chrome/Default/Cache/fc3c64db12515c27_0"

[20201128 20:20:02.289] SyncFolderNotify: got event for file /Users/evrial/Library/Caches/Google/Chrome/Default/Cache/fc3c64db12515c27_0 kFSEventStreamEventFlagItemCreated | kFSEventStreamEventFlagItemRenamed | kFSEventStreamEventFlagItemXattrMod | kFSEventStreamEventFlagItemIsFile

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