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I've got a 90GB+ directory that I sync between a Raspberry Pi and a Windows 10 64-bit machine; this has always worked fine. Recently I moved the Windows side to a Windows 7 32-bit virtual machine. It syncs most files fine, but it fails on very large files (haven't explored the limits extensively but I think 4 GB is the tipping point; it works fine on a 2.5 GB file, but fails on a 4.2 GB file and a 6 GB file).

The symptoms are that it transfers a bunch of data like normal, but eventually it stops transferring. When sending from Windows to the Pi, the Windows side says "Indexing" (forever), and the Pi side says Status 0%, and Progress is "0% - a few minutes" (again, forever). 

The Pi side hasn't changed at all so I don't think that's the problem. I'm running the latest clients.

Is there a file size limit related to the 32-bit windows client? (All file systems are NTFS, so it's not a FAT32 limit.)

Could there be a config setting I'm missing?


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Update: I switched over from a Win7 32-bit virtual machine to a Win7 64-bit virtual machine, and now everything works fine. As near as I can tell everything was identical other than 32-bit vs. 64-bit (even the same file system; both were writing to an NTFS-formatted NAS). So my conjecture is that there is a 4GB file size limit with the 32-bit Windows client.

I Googled  this a fair bit and couldn't find this documented anywhere (on the contrary, I found plenty of references saying that there is no file size limit). If this is a known limitation, it would be good to document it better. If not, perhaps there is a bug in the 32-bit code.

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