No file streaming to video app on iPad? Quite bummed.


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So recently I discovered FileBrowser, which lets me set up and browse files on Macs and PCs on my network via my iPad. I found I can go into my main video watching folder and easily click on videos, which streams them to VLC or Infuse (or other apps). It's much better than my old method, which was using Plex, which has some UI and streaming issues. (See screenshot to see how it works in FileBrowser)

Wait a minute, I thought, I could probably do the same with Resilio Sync. So I downloaded the program to my iPad and set up the shared folder. I can copy over complete files, which is fine, but I can't then stream them from the external apps. I can laboriously download a video, then laboriously copy it to a video app like Infuse. This will, I believe, end up with me having two downloaded copies of the video on my iPad, versus zero downloaded copies with the FileBrowser method.

So I'd like to see Resilio for iOS learn to "download and stream" (or even just stream without downloading anything locally), in the future.



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