Multiple users on a home server


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I have a home linux server / media box running Resilio sync. It keeps a backup of all my important folders and is always online so I can sync when I'm away from home.

My partner wants to use this too, but I can't figure out if Sync can handle multiple users while keeping our list of folders separate from each other.

It would be nice if a single instance of sync could handle this. But even running two instances would be fine.... if they can co-exist?

I'm considering upgrading from a single to family licence. Perhaps you can set up the server to be it's own separate user? Can you then have it auto-accept anything shared with it? 

Has anyone managed to get a setup like this working?

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Just run 2 instances using different users


rslsync --config user1_config_file


rslsync --config user2_config_file

make sure the 2 config files using different port/storage_path/pid, etc.

you can start with

rslsync --dump-sample-config > user_config_file

then modify user_config_file

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