Proper way to seed existing read-only folder with new files

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Hi all,

I recently changed backup plans and have a huge amount of data that I needed to sync with an offsite machine, that had previously been syncing my old backup files.  I have an external hard drive, so I carried the data to the offsite machine and copied the files manually.  However, I had some trouble when turning the sync back on.  I was getting errors that the files were out of sync, and they weren't showing up in the folder like they were supposed to, and Sync just started downloading the files again like they hadn't been pre-seeded.  I played around with it and finally got it working, but I'm not sure what I did.  Can someone help?  When seeding the folders, do you need to copy/paste the entire contents, including the .sync folder?

Also, even though I got it working, I have a message that some files are out of sync on the destination machine.  If I just copied and pasted the files from the source to the destination, what does this error message mean?  Do I ignore or revert?


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Also, what does "Revert All" or "Ignore All" mean?  In another folder, I am getting the "XX files are out of sync".  I think this is because they were deleted in the read-only folder, but they have also been deleted (intentionally) in the source folder.  Shouldn't Sync see that they have been deleted on both sides and be OK?

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