99+ "invisible" sync errors every startup

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Edit: Solved, as per my reply below. I'll leave this in place in case anybody else encounters something similar.

I've installed Resilio on a couple Mac machines and one Windows machine (so far). I wish to sync my Downloads, Desktop, and Documents folders across all three.

Everything is going well on the two Mac machines. But the Windows machine opens the window at every restart, and shows "99+" sync errors. However when I click on the 99+ I can't see a list. It comes up empty. Clicking "ignore all" doesn't prevent this from happening at the next reboot.

Is there a way around this? I'm not even curious what the original errors were. These are from the initial sync, and I know there were a lot of resource forks, etc which couldn't be copied over. If there's a way to make Resilio forget past errors and only warn going forward, that would be fine.

Also, of note, those two "Status" indicators never proceed from 100% to a green checkmark. Is that expected?


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Also, if it's relevant: On all three machines and in all three folders, I added "*.lnk" to .sync/IgnoreList

I don't want Windows shortcut files to be synced to other Windows machines, or to the Mac where they are meaningless.

I also turned off the option for keeping deleted files in a special folder.

Other than those two things, entering my license key, and resizing the window, all settings are the defaults.


Edit: I removed the sync, established it again, and the mystery errors are gone. The window still opened at every startup, but as a workaround I disabled the Windows 10 feature that relaunches previously running apps after restarts. Apparently Resilio can't tell that it's being relaunched this way, per another thread.

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