iOS Background Sync (*not* "solved")


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Why is there still no iOS background syncing?

I keep seeing this requested, and I keep seeing the threads marked "solved" but … it's not.

  • Dropbox can back up photos in the background.
  • Google Photos can back up photos in the background.
  • Amazon Photos can back up photos in the background.

… but Sync can't?

Seriously, can we either get an ETA or a reasonable explanation for why this isn't being implemented?


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Unbelievable that in every app, how can make offline Synchronisation other bugs are exist.

I searched a solution for my Ipad, Iphone in Combination with Synology NAS. 

The Synology solution dont exist anymore ("DS Cloud") and also the app was not really supported.

Now Resilo was a solution, but i have to always on the display, otherwise the app will not update.

Is it so unusally that i want my NAS Datas offline synchron? Incredible

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On 3/24/2024 at 10:09 PM, adambonny said:

Still not fixed I guess. Shame need a replacement to google photos for photo sync on IOS. Would have immediately purchased instead will look at immich.

Any updates for ios background sync?

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