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  1. I have a similar problem with my VMs. Indexing the folder while the VM is running causes high system load. I have to disable synch completely which is annoying as I loose the ability to retrieve files in other folders. Please implement something like that in order to be able to completely disable scanning of a folder. Scheduled disabling would be the best solution.
  2. Thanks @iswrong I start with your profile for the time being - until we have something from resilio Personally I think it would make a lot of sense to have a locked down, secure standard configuration with apparmor (even if it's only for Ubuntu). People with special needs can always apply special settings and it makes them think twice Imho there is value in a secure standard configuration.
  3. Hi, 1st question: Is it from a security point of view relatively safe to directly expose the listening port to the internet? To my understanding this is necessary if I do not want to use a relay server and all devices are NATed? A VPN would restrict use cases a lot. I do of course not expose the Mgmt. UI - not sure how safe that would be at all. 2nd question: Additionally I was wondering why there is no apparmor profile installed by default. Wouldn't that be best practice for applications with direct internet exposure? Thanks, -b
  4. That's true. But also superfast. I'm getting up to 250 mbit/s sync speeds with encryption still enabled [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. As the title says, I'm running sync on my Intel NUC8 GB RAM1 TB SSDUbuntu 15.10 Serverto replace my NAS and sync personal data to it for backup and distribution purposes. Due to the SSD it's very fast (many times faster than traditional NAS or Cloud solutions) and the power consumption is only 5 W.
  6. +1 .deb package would be very convenient