[REQUEST/QUESTION] Issue regarding Internet Explorer: Embed IE to RSync Home Installer + more trouble with our company


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It looks like this is the latest post regarding this issue: 


It's my first time posting in these forums, so... I'll be waiting for the admins to manifest.

This is the current scenario: we have a small company where we use Resilio servers to aid customers to get big amounts of data easily, so Resilio Sync was our solution for now.

However, we deal with too many lay people and that leads to many problems. We've faced almost everything, since folder and handshake connection issues (which we had to figure out to solve the issues by ourselves) and mostly with the Internet Explorer error thing.

Believe me, when I say that we deal with all kinds of people, it's LITERALLY all kinds of people. From semi-illiterate people to elders that don't care much about learning some IT or Windows basics.

Our tech-support is being overflowed with issues regarding RSync, but we're trying to handle it few by few.

What matters here is that we often deal with this Internet Explorer error which surprisingly haven't been solved so far. The problem is that some outdated people are still on Windows 7 and don't really care to upgrade their OS'es, so we end up in big trouble.

We need a proper solution for you guys to embed a proper IE interface or runtime to be run under RSync front-end itself, so the customers can download the files freely.

Could you please embed the IE software along with RSync installer? Our customers are having lots of problems with this issue and, like aforementioned, our customer support is overflowing for lots of problems that tend to happen under Windows platforms.

Right now we're having to write proper help documentation with pesky workarounds to get over with this, but this could simply be solved by embedding IE software along with RSync installer. Or at least an OTA download with the user's consent (due to GDPR issues, that is), if necessary.


So what do you say? Do you intend to keep it this way and we'll have always to deal with these problems or will you do this favor for us?

I insist to manifest here because we are tired of dealing with such customers. So please, trying to be kind, I'd like to request you guys this small favor to get rid of this IE issue for once and for all.

Also, we've been dealing with uninstall remains issues regarding the leftover folders and registry keys that are left behind after uninstalling RSync Home. So I'd like to request to the developers to improve the uninstaller to do not leave trash behind too, if possible. The `%AppData%` folder has leftovers after uninstalling Resilio, so we have to remove that manually too. We did a bunch of tests to try to get rid of the errors, but the customers always come up with more.

The timezone difference is also a big problem. But we just tell the customers to keep calm and disregard that issue with so many sharing peers and seeds.


That's all I have to ask for now. Thank you for for your attention.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

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