Sync issue: Sending bad signature for file


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I have a offline sync drive that i regularly connect to sync against my 2 Resilio Sync servers to have a offline backup stored securly.. When i tried to sync that one today it seems to just "spin" and not do anything.. It manges to compete 2 out of the 3 sync locations.. but the 3rd just spinning.. 

I can see the following messages in the logs... 

This message i have no idea why it shows up.. I have no user named jenkins and no folder named User... 
[2020-08-12 17:03:45.200] assert failed C:\Users\User\jenkins\workspace\build-sync-windows\sync\fs\SyncFileEntry.cpp:1540

It seems the log lines below says there is bad signatures for the new files that this client not yet has downloaded.. 

Some example log lines below:

[2020-08-12 17:03:45.198] MC[6457:7288] [B7D2]: Local file "Backup\Veeam\N-XXX WEB Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS\N-XXX WEB Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS.vbm" is older than remote t:1593179434/1597241146 ot:43660/43875 o:10B2F32B64FBDE9898E854E217F17CB6E7A7A809/10B2F32B64FBDE9898E854E217F17CB6E7A7A809

[2020-08-12 17:03:45.207] PeerMsgConn[FFE01F50]: created bad signature
[2020-08-12 17:03:45.248] PeerMsgConn[FFE04410]: state changed bad signature 1
[2020-08-12 17:03:45.248] SF[6457:7288] [B7D2]: sending bad signature for file "\\?\D:\Backup\Offline-Sync\Backup\Work_Unraid_Appdata_Backup\2020-08-01@02.00"

[2020-08-12 17:03:45.300] class TunnelConnection[0x000001d4fd20c7c0]: got packet 4 for unknown connection id=2087806889

Any idea what to do about this?

Resilio Sync version:

Unraid Docker Resilio Sync V 2.7.2 (1375)

Windows 10 version:  V2.7.0 (1366)  (Also tried with the old version and updated today when it was not working to this version).

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