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Support for rendering Markdown files (.md) properly in Resilio mobile apps would be great (including support for Pandoc's grid tables:

I'm increasingly using MD in place of TXT and RTF. Currently Resilio for iOS reads MD files as plain text, rendering the source code only.

In the longer term editing support would be great. Plus support for interlinks and backlinks would also be great, so we can effectively create Wikis within our Resilio folders.

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On 4/24/2022 at 4:53 PM, flphotog said:

Markdown files are just txt files, Resilio already syncs them just fine. I use Resilio to sync Obsidian which is just a bunch of markdown files and it works great.

Sure, but they're rendered in the Resilio mobile app as Markdown code and they can't be edited with the mobile app.

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